"The Christ centered education from SSLS has helped to prepare the girls for the many challenges they have faced during their high school and college years." — Mary, parent

Because we believe

that students should have a Christ-centered educational experience, we value …

  • morning devotions
  • daily Bible lessons
  • using the Bible throughout the day:
    in other subject areas, in correction, in relationships
  • taking prayer requests and praying for each other
  • teaching children how to apply God's Word to their lives and to nurture their personal relationship with the Lord

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that students should have mentoring relationships, we value …

  • formal older-younger buddy interaction every day
  • opportunities for informal mentoring
  • multi-level classrooms
  • developing personal leadership style in our students

that school is more than academics, we value …

  • weekly social skills classes, with close mentoring and guidance
  • teaching the students how to be caring friends
  • responsibility and accountability
  • experiential learning through monthly field trips
  • providing physical education once a week to build a healthy body
  • the arts: music, drama, art, and film

that God has created each person uniquely, we value …

  • small class size
  • differentiated education
  • developing strengths and managing challenges
  • a variety of learning modalities
  • self-expression within structure

that the arts are important, we value …

  • daily singing
  • weekly poetry readings by our students
  • regular art and music classes
  • multiple opportunities for drama and public speaking
  • formal stage productions every year

that community is important, we value …

  • an inclusive environment
  • family participation
  • inviting people to teach mini-lessons in their field of interest
  • our volunteers, and serve them an appreciation lunch
  • a week-long science camp for 5th-8th grades
  • an annual basketball tournament for 5th-8th grades
  • an annual 6th-8th grade retreat

that critical thinking is important, and students need to develop 21st century skills, we value …

  • collaboration
  • opportunity for discourse
  • teaching writing independently and across subjects
  • teaching our students to become critical, habitual, passionate readers

that our students should become passionate, habitual, voluminous, critical readers, we value …

  • free choice in books
  • reading across genres
  • reading for different purposes
  • speaking and writing intelligently about reading
  • recognizing and analyzing good writing
  • a comprehensive library

that our students should be strong mathematicians, we value …

  • reading, writing, and talking about math
  • computation
  • number sense
  • memorization of math facts
  • understanding the math in their everyday living
  • critical thinking and problem solving

that our students should be capable, life-long writers, we value …

  • daily writing workshop
  • communication of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions across subject areas
  • finding enjoyment in writing
  • writing with stamina
  • revising and editing
  • writing across multiple genres
  • communicating in the workplace

that our students should be scientists and historians, we value …

  • bringing reading, writing, and speaking into science and history
  • hands-on, inquiry-based science
  • balancing the facts of history with historical skills and critical thinking
  • the reading of primary documents