Because we believe school is more than academics, we offer these unique enrichment opportunities.



Family Fun Night is our students' annual opportunity to use their God-given dramatic talents to entertain their family and friends. After six weeks of rehearsal, the lower and upper grades perform musical plays and songs to end the year with a bang! Additional theatrical performances are presented at the annual Spring Fair.


Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of our curriculum at St. Stephen. The benefits include social skills, hands-on learning, new encounters, and enhanced concept development.
Our field trips involve various approaches to learning-visual, oral, and tactile. Field trips are also wonderful opportunities for students to live out their faith as ambassadors for Jesus Christ.


Book Club

Book Club is a student-led book discussion held bi-annually. This discussion among parents and students not only reinforces reading comprehension skills and critical thinking, but also emphasizes public speaking and listening skills. The leaders of the group become skilled in managing and leading a discussion. This year, the students read and discussed books such as The Hiding Place, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.



Each year, our 5th–8th graders have the option of participating in an annual basketball tournament. The team practices from November to March, and this culminates in a tournament with other Lutheran schools held in Eau Claire, WI. This has been a great team-building experience, as well as providing fellowship with other Christian schools.


Spring Fair

We have developed a tradition of holding a Spring Fair every year. This is a chance for the students to explore a subject area in more depth. We typically follow a 3-year rotation of science fair, history fair, and a literature fair. These fairs have provided the students with an opportunity not only to research and prepare an exhibit, but also to polish their public speaking skills.



In May, we hold a yearly run-a-thon. We work towards building running endurance as well as good running technique. This is also our fundraiser for things like PE equipment and technology in the classroom. Parents, siblings, and friends are welcome to cheer or run along with us!