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Mountain View private school field trip: Guided Nature Walk Palo Alto Baylands

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Our Christian day school in Mountain View loves going on field trips! We've kept this tradition alive, and have so many more learning experiences ahead of us!

Today, we learned so much at our guided field trip. We focused a great deal on migration, and saw hundreds of birds in the baylands. We learned about this important Bay Area ecosystem.

Our guides started off with an introduction on how to use binoculars.

They also provided us with information on the current and historical human uses for the area.

We became experts at bird identification!

During the tour, we kept a log of the species we saw for the students to reference.

We experienced hands on learning too!

Inside the gallery we admired beautiful birds and lovely artwork.

Thank you to Carolyn and Diane for giving us a fantastic tour of the Palo Alto Baylands!

Thank you for checking out our blog! See you next time, as we are excited to continue going on learning adventures this school year!

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