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Private School in Mountain View-Meet the Admin!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

St. Stephen:

Hi! Recently, I was asked to be the part time school administrator at St. Stephen Lutheran School in Mountain View! Although I have never worked in a private school setting before, I am quite accustom to "wearing many different hats!” This blog will hopefully help our current families and inquires get a better sense of my background and who I am.

The Basics:

Hi! My name is Jewels. I live in Mountain View. I enjoy camping, hiking, biking, beach days in Santa Cruz, wine tasting, grillin' out, yard games and outdoor movie nights. I’m painfully introverted (unless I’m doing something I love!) Occasionally, I enjoy hosting (especially holiday parties). (Fun Fact-I am planning to build another spooky Halloween maze this year, and all the kids are welcome!!!)

My Childhood:

I grew up in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Of course you've never heard of it! It's a town so small, if you blink you'll miss it! Most of my nostalgic childhood memories are from being on the farm. I loved doing barn chores, and being in the tractor. "Rosey" was my calico farm cat. (Fun Fact-I've had an affinity for calico cats ever since!).

My Education:

I attended St. John's Lutheran grade school in Waterloo, WI. (This was a very similar religious upbringing to what St. Stephen provides!). I then continued my christian education by attending Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills, WI. Later I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelors in Kinesiology. My early career was spent in the health field, working in cardiopulmonary rehab, personal training, and as Health Educator at WebMD. My artistic side lead me into wedding photography and as my start up took off I left my desk job and embraced life as an entrepreneur! Whether I'm on a photography job, or enjoying my free time, I'm happiest with my camera by my side.

Closing thoughts:

I look forward to getting to know each student on a more personalized level while I monitor lunch/recess, administer spelling tests, and go on field trips! I'm particularly excited to use my God given talents on the piano to occasionally lead the children in Praise & Worship! I'm also looking forward to getting to know you and communicating with you this year! Mostly, Im looking forward to being a part of something so special.

Favorite Things:

Sporting Team: The Warriors

Food (take out): Spicy Ahi Tuna Bowl

TV Shows: Sci-Fi or Survivalist shows

Hobbies: Succulents, Yoga, singing & playing hymns on the piano

Desert: Cheesecake

Hymn: Precious Lord Take My Hand

Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5 (Fun Fact-you can find my painted rock in the school garden)

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