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St. Stephen Lutheran School: Mini class with Ms. Jewels

Updated: Feb 4

Welcome back to our blog! As the administrator at St. Stephen Lutheran School, I try to find ways to get involved with the students. Recently, I volunteered to teach a mini-class!

I loved getting the opportunity to share my hobby for succulents with our school kids!

The class was two part. First, they learned all about succulents. Everything from, different types, care requirements, and propagation. Followed by, a fun succulent quiz!

Secondly, every student got to create their own pumpkin succulent centerpiece!

check out our creations!

I am certain that all the students learned a lot and had fun! I am confident that they know how to care for their new succulents! :) Thanks for visiting our blog!

Feel to to reach out with any questions regarding our Mountain View private school.

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