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Mountain View Private School Field Trip to Weinberger Homestead

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Our Mountain View private school took a very special field trip to Weinberger Homestead recently! We are so grateful for this opportunity! Our students were able to interact intimately with the animals on the homestead. I was completely in awe that we got to go into the pen and feed the peacocks. Some of them were a bit shy, but I can't blame them for being cautious around a group of excited school kids! :) Overall, this was so cool and our students loved this field trip!!

Next up, Julian took us over to meet their pet turtle! Each student got to pet the turtle and learn about his environment. The turtle put up with us, but then scurried back into the safety of his pond. :)

The biggest attraction at Weinburger Homestead had to be the goats! They were not scared of us at all. They climbed up on the fence to be greeted and loved that we were giving them food.

We were all very surprised at how friendly and fun the chickens were too!

We are very thankful to Julian and Tina for being great hosts! This field trip was informative and educational as we learned about animals and agriculture. Also, it was nice to get out of the city! We have more fun and exciting field trips planned for this year. We look forward to having more hands on learning experiences.

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