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"We got our start at St. Stephen Lutheran School!"


The school is well established (25 years old) which gave us a sense that this would provide longevity for our kids. The school has small class sizes and in this way is reminiscent of a Montessori in the uniqueness of the shared room for lower-grades and shared for upper-grades. This model affords our children the opportunity to learn techniques of study  from those older graders and for the older students to model their academic proficiency (which is a useful life skill in general and in preparation for their own futures.)

The music, theater, and art programs at this school are taught with passion and expertise and given full attention, which is especially important as public schools continue to slash such programs' funding. I attribute my intense love for and later success in the performing arts to the foundation laid by my experiences at St Stephen....The smaller student body allows for fun practices a larger school could never institute, such as school-wide field trips to everywhere from local parks to performances by the San Fransisco Symphony.

Megan L. (parent)

John (alumni)

This school is such a treasure! My son was having trouble at public school as the classes were so big and no time for individualized attention. Everything always felt rushed , chaotic, stressful for both students and parents so after two years of that we decided to look for another option. As the private schools around cost upwards of $35,000 a year, we were concerned. But then I found SSLS and decided to do the tour and trial day.  When I picked up my son afterwards he was so happy and begged me to go to school there!

SSLS is absolutely the finest school one could ever send their children to. The class size is small so each student can receive personalized attention. A big advantage of small class size is the ability to accommodate each student's strengths and weaknesses. As a result, SSLS is the next best thing to home schooling (some might say better since home schooling is not for everyone.)

Monica M. (parent)

Jeff A. (parent)

My time spent at St. Stephen was an integral part of my educational development. I was taught and developed good study habits, social skills, and most importantly a strong work ethic.....But the most invaluable benefit St. Stephen provides is a Christian education founded on the truth of the Bible and grounded in the salvation we have in Christ Jesus. At St. Stephen, religion is not just a class taught for an hour a day. Faith in God and hope in Christ's resurrection are carried through every lesson, every day. As is written in Proverbs, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." (Proverbs 22:6).

There are a lot of enrichment opportunities from plays, to trips to the Tech Museum, to incredible science experiments … and socialization/manners exercises as well.

Mitchell H. (alumni)

Anonymous (parent)

This school goes above & beyond in flexibility & creativity to work in the child who has difficulty learning! This was the case with my child. The atmosphere of this school is just what I wanted for my kids.

Lessons are very interactive, parent engagement is always welcome, great school trips and book club. Homework with a lot of writing and memory work (not so much our kids' favorite) but certainly very helpful for the kids' advancement.

Anonymous (parents)

Anonymous (parent)

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