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St. Stephen Lutheran School: Confidence

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

In him [Christ Jesus our Lord] we can freely approach God with confidence through faith in him.– Ephesians 3:12 (EHV)

How did you feel as you entered this New Year 2023? Apprehensive? Worried? Concerned? Those would all be understandable feelings given the world we live in. Sometimes looking ahead makes us nervous because we worry that it just might be more bad news around the corner.

Or, did you enter this New Year feeling confident? Who wouldn’t like to feel that way, right? Confidence is such a good feeling and an important attitude to have for so many things in life that it’s hard to understate its value.

At St. Stephen Lutheran School we have the privilege each day of reminding our students is that they can be confident—in the best possible sense—not because of their circumstances, or because the world around them is running so smoothly, but because of God and His loving care for them. The Bible verse above reminds us, In him [Christ Jesus our Lord] we can freely approach God with confidence through faith in him” (Ephesians 3:12 EHV).

Our students have the confidence of knowing that they have an incredible support system behind them. They know that they have the care and support of their teachers and staff here at school. They know that they have the support and love of their family at home. Above all they know that they can turn to their loving God “with confidence through faith in him,” knowing that He’s always there for them, watching over them, and ready to answer their prayers in the best possible way. He proved His love for all of us by sending His Son Jesus to be our Savior.

Would you like your child to have confidence—true confidence? Would you like a safe, caring, confidence-inspiring learning environment for your child? Would you like a small private school that shares confidence-building “Good News” with your child even in the midst of a world filled with “bad news?” We encourage you to contact us and take a tour of our Mountain View private school. I’m confident that you’ll be happy that you did! May God bless you in this New Year.

– Pastor Luke Bernthal

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