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"How to create a Space Themed Bulletin Board: Unveiling the Cosmic Creations of St. Stephen Lutheran School"

Updated: Feb 28

This year at St. Stephen Lutheran School, our classroom theme is "Space!" So it was only fitting that we would create a Space Themed Bulletin Board in the school hallway!

Maybe you're one of our school parents who enjoys getting updates and seeing your child's artistic creations. Or, maybe you stumbled onto this blog looking for ideas on how to create your own Space Themed Bulletin Board in your classroom! Either way, I hope you enjoy this blog, as we unveil the cosmic creations of St. Stephen Lutheran School.

Create your space bulletin board by following these steps:

1. Choose your color

construction paper stars, choose your color
construction paper stars

We gave our students the options of choosing to decorate a blue or a yellow star. We went with these colors to match nicely with the background of the bulletin board, that had already been started up by our teacher, Mrs. Schmitt. But, you can choose any color scheme in line with your creative vision.

space theme bulletin board
Mrs. Schmitt bringing the bulletin board to life

2. Cut out your Star

Before the mini-class started, I had used a stencil to trace out 12x12 stars. (purchased from amazon). Then, each student carefully cut out their star. If you are brave, you could draw out the stars free-hand or draw different sized stars, but we used a stencil to keep the design coherent.

space bulletin board

3. Sketch your name & design

4. Paint your star and allow it to dry

We used acrylic paint markers to paint our stars. (picked these up on Amazon). Paint markers are a must have for your classroom art projects! Sure, you could use regular markers in a pinch, but the name and design won't show up as boldly. As another side note, this can get messy, so we put plastic table cloths down to protect the tables.

Elly drew the Luther seal on her star!

5. Laminate and cut out

So, you could skip this part and place your stars directly onto your space bulletin board. But I discovered, after creating my samples, that the edges of the star would start to curl as they air dried. That's why we decided to laminate our stars, so they would hang flatter on the board without curling up.

6. Pin your star to the bulletin board

As the final step, we had each student go up to the space bulletin board to carefully pin up their own star. We used push pins, but you could use tape or even a stapler. Use whatever you have on hand.

Space Bulletin Board
St. Stephen's cosmic creations

7. What's the meaning of this?

There is a deeper meaning behind this project that I'd like to share with you! The theme of our art project is based off of the Bible passage from Psalm 148!

"Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars." 

Psalm 148:3

It's an invitation for everyone & everything to join in Praising the Lord! (a call to worship). (That is why each student and staff member was invited to make a star with their name on it, decorated creatively, to be placed on the Space Themed Bulletin Board!) Each student is God's shining star, called to worship Him for everything he has done for us! He loved us! He died for us! Praise the Lord!

space theme classroom
Space Themed Bulletin Board

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!"

John 3:16 

Thanks for visiting our blog! To find out more about St. Stephen Lutheran School, feel free to email me at

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